You’re fully caught up on your 120-day deadlines, and you’re now rounding the curve on the 90-day mark which means you’re within just three months from your show. (And, hey, if you’re not there yet, don’t panic, just check out our last blog).

So, what should you be thinking about now?

It’s time to keep going. This is the perfect time to start getting a clearer idea of your booth layout, and most importantly, to start ordering, building or booking what will be in your booth. Maximizing this time also means maximizing your budget as this time is when you’ll see (and hopefully take advantage of!) early bird pricing and discounts.

Here are a couple of gentle reminders now that you’re within that important three-month mark:

Beware the flooring

A well-known trick in the tradeshow industry is carpet on the booth’s floor. Before you get there though – make sure to double check if the shows you are attending require flooring.

If they do, yes, this is another line to your budget but ordered early flooring can be reasonably priced and as mentioned in one of our earlier blogs, flooring is a great way to make your booth stand out during the show.

When planning to ship to the advanced warehouse, remember to order flooring early not to risk incurring a late fee if the advanced warehouse days have expired.

Here, Yale’s flooring creates 2 different universes in one booth, that makes it stand out even more.


Design the perfect booth

Depending on the size and complexity of your exhibit, it can sometimes take more than 60 days to design, build and deliver a tradeshow display.

If you need a new exhibit or changes to an existing exhibit, be sure to begin the exhibit design process well in advance of your show date, so that you’re bringing last finishing touches to your booth around 2-3 weeks before the show.

If you haven’t yet, it is still time to contact Studio Displays.


Think about furnishings and accessories

From couches to wastebaskets, as well as floral arrangements, booth furnishings must typically be reserved at least two weeks before the show so as to avoid running up a series of late fees and other rates.

But early bird discounts often provide savings to orders well in advance. This rates typically run up to 30 to 60 days before the show.

Studio Displays can also offer quotes on a wider range of furniture and accessory offerings through our trusted vendors.


Get the word out

Although it may appear early to begin pre-show marketing tactics such as inviting prospective clients to the show or renting the show registration list to scout qualified visitors, these tactics are highly effective at attracting qualified attendees to your booth. It will also ensure that booth staff can focus on qualified traffic that is already familiar with your brand.

Use emails, social media, website content and advertising in related publications to begin communicating your participation in the show. A simple and fun ‘save the date’ email or postcard might be just enough to spark their interest!

A note on social media: you might want to use all-inclusive visuals to catch your prospect’s attention and for them to retain the important information you are presenting. Make sure your social media content contains as much information in one fell swoop – from the name and date of the show to your booth number.

Maclean Power’s visual is a great example of what information to display to both draw the prospect’s attention and be remembered.


We’re not going to lie – this three-month-out planning time is fun. Your concept and booth starting to take shape which builds momentum and excitement – two qualities that should be present in absolutely every booth.

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