An immersive 3D experience

The purpose of your tradeshow exhibit is to deliver a positive brand experience to your target audience.  Your brand experience is communicated in your booth through the structural environment, the consumption of content, and interactions with company representatives.  A virtual exhibit can fulfill the same purpose.  It provides a dynamic branded environment to deliver targeted marketing content and the opportunity to engage and interact.  In addition, your virtual exhibit can go beyond the limitations of time and place to provide this type of engagement throughout the year.  Imagine your exhibit working for you 24/7/365, offering your customers and prospects with the opportunity to experience your exhibit in a positive and meaningful way, wherever they may be.

Top 10 Reasons for Going Remote

  • Reach and engage your target market with no geographic boundaries
  • Hold a captive audience who directly engage with your brand  
  • Utilize existing trade show assets and/or branded spaces as settings for your remote event 
  • Present more in-depth product demos and feature discussions  
  • Produce flexible proprietary video content  
  • More cost-efficient than face-to-face events 
  • Collect actionable analytics to direct your sales and marketing efforts  
  • Can be accessible on-demand indefinitely 
  • Market produced assets to digital avenues and/or internal channels 
  • Create valuable sales tools to supplement the standard tradeshow experience 

360° Environment

An immersive 3D environment built to entice your visitors to explore and engage with your brand.  No longer are you limited by the size of your booth space or the cost of installation.  A virtual exhibit can accurately represent your brand and provide the perfect environment to communicate your message.  Navigation through the virtual exhibit is intuitive and can be completely self-directed or can follow a specific path with prescribed stops as your brand story unfolds.

Interactive Content 

Our virtual exhibit platform allows you to give your customers and prospects the same key experiences they would get in your booth from the comfort of their own home or office.

      • Graphics
      • Presentations
      • Product Literature
      • Company Videos
      • Product Demonstrations
      • 360° Product Viewer
      • 360° Full Motion Video
      • Gamification
      • Live Chat
      • Social Media Feeds
      • Video Conferencing

24/7/365 Access

No longer does your tradeshow content have to stay locked up in crates between shows.  A virtual exhibit is always open and ready to tell your story and show off your latest and greatest offerings.  Bring your booth experience to your customers and prospects wherever they are and whenever it is convenient for them.  No travel, no limited times or dates, and no competition from neighboring booths.

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