Tom Pope

Studio’s Founder, Tom Pope, was a true artist and creative mind. No one had the passion, expertise, and fine-eye for a small detail or a big possibility.
Studio Display's Founder-Tom Pope
His incredible talent always came naturally and was only made more powerful with formal education and professional training. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.F.A. in Sculpture, he worked as a dimensional designer for one of the industry’s most creative visionaries, Jack Pentes. He then became the Art Director for Morris White Advertising where he learned more about marketing and realized his future in custom fabrication.
Tom's Legacy at Studio Displays
The fact that he could do it all artistically, paired with a mind that was always moving, meant that Tom started taking on creative projects outside of his day job. It started with small displays in his garage which then led to larger exhibits creating the foundation for the company that is now Studio Displays.

Wherever he was in Charlotte, it was a blank canvas; whatever he created was art.

Today, Studio Displays’ competitive edge is a direct result of Tom’s passion for this business. Studio has the capability, expertise, and artistic approach to take on any project and do it well. Our creative solutions are unique and powerful; our custom capabilities separate us from other firms. Whatever it is, we can make it happen.

We always honor Tom and his legacy by continuing to create impressive projects and deliver amazing results in all we do.
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