Reinvent the way you tell your brands’ story.

Studio Displays and Bespoke Sports & Entertainment have joined forces to reinvent the trade show and event experience, specifically, how brands can continue to engage with their customers, employees, and prospects at a higher level than the average virtual experience.

Top 10 Reasons for Going Remote

  • Reach and engage your target market with no geographic boundaries

  • Hold a captive audience who directly engage with your brand  

  • Utilize existing trade show assets and/or branded spaces as settings for your remote event 

  • Present more in-depth product demos and feature discussions  

  • Produce flexible proprietary video content  

  • More cost-efficient than face-to-face events 

  • Collect actionable analytics to direct your sales and marketing efforts  

  • Can be accessible on-demand indefinitely 

  • Market produced assets to digital avenues and/or internal channels 

  • Create valuable sales tools to supplement the standard tradeshow experience 

Situational Analysis

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted trade shows and conferences both locally and internationally. While there are many offered technology solutions to market your products or services, they continue to fall short of the impact of one-on-one, face-to-face communication.

While we can’t replace face-to-face events completely, we have discovered that removing geographic requirements and physical attendance offer some key opportunities:

      • Attract at-home audiences
      • Host an unlimited number of attendees
      • Remove time and date locations
      • No geographic or venue restrictions

Our Remote Event Platform allows you to leverage your existing tradeshow assets and branded spaces creating an immersive experience for your target audience.

Concept Overview

Creating an Experience

Our Remote Event Platform allows you to give your customers and prospects the same key experiences they would get in your booth from the comfort of their own home or office.

      • Learn about new products & innovations
      • See product demonstrations
      • Meet with key representatives
      • Make new connections
      • Obtain product samples
      • Take advantage of special offers

Choosing the Format

The best format for your brand will largely depend on what you want to communicate and how you want your audience to engage with your brand. Our Remote Event Platform allows your brand to have flexibility in areas such as:

      • Live or On-Demand Audience
      • Studio Set or Branded Space
      • Single or Multi-Location
      • & More

These events are tailored specifically for your brand’s individual needs,
the only limit is your own imagination.

Attendee Engagement 

The Invitation

Engagement begins with a personalized email invitation that includes a personal video message from a brand executive or hired talent inviting them to “attend” the event.



Guests RSVP by visiting the branded registration page set up for your specific remote event and are given the opportunity to submit questions or specify areas of interest.


Building Excitement

Guests can receive a custom branded box complete with items that can enhance the remote event experience.

      • VIP Gifting
      • Product Samples
      • Custom Snacks or Beverages
      • Promotional Giveaways

Content is King

The Remote Event Platform provides many opportunities to deliver your content in ways that are meaningful and engaging to your audience.

      • Welcome Message
      • Keynote Presentation
      • Product Demonstrations
      • Interviews
      • Educational Sessions
      • Virtual Tours

Make it Interactive

Guests that join the remote event from the comfort of their own home or office don’t have to miss out on the trade show experience. Our platform includes the ability to customize traditional trade show interactions such as:

      • Breakout Rooms & Sessions
      • Live Chat
      • Special Guest Appearances
      • Games & Contests

Post Event Marketing 

Just the Beginning

The brand experience doesn’t stop once the event ends.

      • Thank You Video- Following the event, executive or talent can record a brief personal video thanking the guests for attending and providing next steps.
      • Prize Fulfillment- Prizes awarded during the event are shipped out promptly following the event.
      • Event Survey- Guests receive a link for a post-event survey to capture feedback on the event experience.

Leveraging your Results

The data and digital content generated by your remote event can be leveraged to enhance future sales and marketing efforts.

      • Analytics- Imaging being able to measure audience demographics and engagement metrics such as session attendance, download volume, and dwell time.
      • Lead Capture- Reach more prospects and capture mote leads that would otherwise be lost.
      • Social Media Content- Repurpose and deploy event content through social media channels.

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