As one of the country’s most recognized exhibit houses, we offer resources, services and strategies that deliver exceptional results for any event or marketing need.

Since 1980, our focus has been on producing innovative displays and exhibit designs for a variety of purposes including (but not limited to) corporate lobby interiors, outdoor event needs, corporate event needs and custom interiors.

We know that unique designs make for exceptional results. And we appreciate that time and attention to detail have the power to create value for you and your clients.

If there are any aspects that are critical to marketing success it would be: First, plan ahead; second, focus on graphic design.

  1. Plan ahead!

This is the best piece of advice we give to all our clients whether they’re planning a large-scale tradeshow or a corporate event.  When you choose to plan ahead, you’re allowing yourself (your team or our team) more production time. And more production time may ensure a stronger, more powerful final product that delivers valuable results.

To prepare for a larger project or event, we recommend planning ahead by several months. Exactly how far in advance depends on the scope of the project.  Oftentimes, projects take longer than you think, so always plan ahead.

So, what’s your first step in planning ahead? Get clear with your team on the exact timeline needed for the event or project. Then, build in extra time.

  1. Focus on Graphic Design

One specific area where we recommend planning ahead is for graphic design. Your graphics and/or images are critical to your display – whether it’s for a large-scale event or a custom interior project. However, sometimes graphic designers aren’t clear that you and your team require large-scale graphics. Engage in a conversation early with your graphic design team explaining exactly what your vision is for your marketing needs. What’s at stake if you don’t focus on your graphic design? More time. More money.

Studio Displays’ state of the art design department will create a display or event environment that meets all of your marketing goals. To do it well, we work with all clients to plan ahead and get ahead of any opportunities that might serve as challenges as you get closer to the event or deadline.

We will always deliver exceptional results given any timelines, but the more time you allow for production, the more creative, strategic, and innovative you can be which means the more likely you are to deliver results that transform your presence.

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