As is the Studio way, we’re always pushing ourselves to explore new opportunities to connect.

So, here’s a new first for us – this is our first year joining MMRF to raise money and awareness for Multiple Myeloma on Saturday, October 13 in honor of Studio Displays’ own Captain Chaos – Tom Pope.

Yes, this event happens during the busiest time of year for our industry. But we wouldn’t really have it any other way. Because it’s important to us. And as we walk, run, or crawl…we know that Tom will be with us.

Tom wrote about his battle with Multiple Myeloma several years ago.

“Abnormal bone marrow” – I can still vividly recall the phone call from my doctor in early March of 2010. I had just gotten an MRI on my lower back to see if anything could be done to fix some chronic back problems I had been dealing with for years. The doctor went on to say I need to come in immediately for blood work! Discomforting to say the least, so I immediately went to Google, typed in “abnormal bone marrow” and only one thing came up – Multiple Myeloma – never heard of it. It went on to describe this mysterious, rare blood cancer and said survivability 7 months to 2 years. I wasn’t too pumped about that and began the testing/diagnosis phase with an oncologist.


Note – if you are referred to an oncologist, get ready, it’s never good news. After tests, etc., he said – “you have it!” This is what we’re going to do about it; he moved me over to the chemo room and scheduled three months of infusions.


Dealing with emotional, psychological and physical impact of having a terminal disease is at times overwhelming – not to mention trying to figure out what myeloma is and how to treat it.


After the numb feeling, anger and general being pissed off faded – about two days – I decided that cancer was not going to ruin my life and define my existence any more than necessary. It did however cause me to reflect on a number of things in my life – one being my involvement at Studio Displays. Having founded the company and running it for 31 years, my perspective changed.

Tom – Dad – was a warrior.  He loved life so much, and he just wanted to live.  He walked around every day in so much pain, but never complained.  He fought Multiple Myeloma for a little over three years before he lost is battle on October 8, 2016.

You can join us in honoring Dad’s legacy.

Please consider supporting by:

  • Walk (or run) with us on Saturday, October 13 – join our team here.
  • Donate to MMRF. You can give easily online, via phone, or via mail.
  • Forward this information and these ways to get involved to the people in your network to help us build more awareness for Multiple Myeloma.

If you can’t help this year, we understand, and we hope to see you next year.  We want this to be not only an event for our family and friends, but also a reminder of how precious, sacred, creative, and fun this life is – especially when we’re together.

Tom wouldn’t want any other way.

We appreciate your support. Thank you.

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