It’s Father’s Day today; and to all the dads out there, I wish you a very happy day.  I hope you find time to relax with your family (or without), and enjoy today the way you want to.  

 My husband, Joe, is an amazing father to our daughter, Lucy Jean.

I don’t want to take anything away from today for him, but it is still a very sad day for me without my dad being here.  This July 9th will marks the second anniversary of my father’s passing.

And, I can tell you – Tom Pope is wildly missed.

Just this week, I was at a sales manager seminar with Jeffrey Gitomer. He was hilarious – and reflective. He challenged each of us to reflect on how we lead and what we want our legacy to be in the world – both professionally and personally. I immediately thought about my dad, Tom Pope. He was a leader in every aspect of his life.  He led with his natural creative talent; he was strong and resilient; he was always teaching, coaching, challening me to be the best version of myself.  

Studio Displays is my father’s legacy. This company was built on not only Tom Pope’s decades-long, profesional reputation, but also – and perhaps more importantly – his determination, artistry, and personality. He was a fearless leader.

We’re old school here at Studio, and we keep it simple – we build cool sh#!t., and we want to be the best in the world doing that. That’s my dad’s legacy for you. While I can never fill the void of losing him, it is my personal goal to live each day building Studio to honor him and forge ahead with his legacy and reputation both preceding and leading us. 

When you partner with Studio Displays to build something cool, we’ll deliver a final product that’s fresh, innovative and modern; it will also be an experience built with old-school heart, soul, and creativity we learned from the best – my dad.

Happy Father’s Day! 

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