Several weeks ago, my sister, Crystal, put together a book of Studio Displays memorabilia from over the years. It’s full of old photographs of people, newspaper clippings from Studio projects, the transformation of our logo and branding. I love the history. And now it’s pretty cool to see it all in one place.It’s also pretty cool because I see it and I remember a lot of good childhood memories. It reminds me of seeing some of these projects as a kid; watching as they were built and learning how they work. We’re starting to unpack some of the Christmas displays from back in the day – really special, quality pieces from the 1980s that Dad and team built for Belk’s window displays. They all still work. And they’re all still just really cool.I’m always thankful to be able to do what we do here at Studio. This book of memorabilia reminds me of that.This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for some much. First and foremost, I’m grateful for my family.

I’m grateful for all our employees here at Studio Displays. We wouldn’t be Studio without each and every one of them. In such a small industry, it’s hard to find people who can do this work. I’m grateful we’ve found a team who can do what we do – and do it well.

Last but not least – I’m grateful for Studio Displays and all the years we’ve been here doing what we do. It really is pretty cool. And now we have the perfect book to remind us of that every, single day from Thanksgiving and well into the future.

-Thomas Pope

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