So, you’re ready to move forward and turn your design into a reality. Game on – we can’t wait to see it too! Here’s a couple of recommendations to consider before your fabrication firm begins production and installs the upgrades to your facility.


Invest in the additional cost to have your fabrication firm verify field dimensions and do a site survey before production begins. This may seem redundant but think of it as an insurance policy. By doing so, it allows you to determine if there are any obstructions that may need to be moved, added, or worked around such as thermostats, electrical outlets, fire strobes, alarms, and sprinklers.
Verifying the dimensions not only ensures a successful installation but will also give you peace of mind knowing that there shouldn’t be any issues to delay a crucial opening date that’s already been set.


Having your installation team organized before fabrication begins allows the lead installer to be more involved from the beginning and encourages proper communication between team members. Not only is it important to develop a cooperative and effective team as soon as possible, but an experienced installer will always have beneficial input that should be considered during fabrication.


Make sure your fabrication firm has engaged an experienced lead installer who is adept at improvising and making modifications onsite. Unforeseen issues always pop up during an install and having an experienced/level-headed individual who can problem solve those issues is vital to being done on time.


We’ve found that renting a VRBO or AirBnB instead of a hotel room not only saves money but also simulates a comfortable home environment for installers to decompress. A bonus is that it facilitates a team atmosphere and opens the door for cooking meals instead of having to eat out at restaurants every night.

Follow these four steps and you’re on the way to building not only a well-gelled team, but also smooth casework installation which is our favorite one-two punch when it comes to delivering value to your clients.

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