We talk a lot about the benefits of owning your own exhibit and tradeshow materials. We see it as cost effective over the long run, but only if managing these pieces is done carefully. For many companies, we find the prospect of renting exhibits to be more cost-effective and beneficial.

Owning exhibit material can go both ways; it can go untouched between shows and pay for itself over time, or it can get damaged during every show and cost a fortune to repair and maintain. Storing material between shows, damage, and regular wear and tear can surely add up.

Rental exhibits have considerable benefits that every company should consider, even those who already own their exhibit material. If you find yourself planning exhibits, maybe it is time to consider the benefits of renting. Here are the principal benefits to renting exhibit materials.

Fewer Fees

Storage: When buying exhibit materials, one common challenge for all companies is storage- and we’re not just talking about space. Most modern exhibits have integrated technology features that are highly susceptible to damage from temperature and moisture. For many, storing material is an expensive fee that is easily avoided with renting.

Maintenance: Keeping all systems functional on an exhibit can be costly- and that is when everything arrives at a tradeshow without being damaged. While renting, the maintenance of materials, their safe on-site arrival, and post-show disposal becomes the responsibility of the rental company. Renting is a guarantee for like new equipment at every show.

Lower entry cost

Overall, companies can expect big savings on agile and adaptable tradeshow displays through rentals. Additionally, because a rental’s value doesn’t depreciate over time, there is no need to worry about maintaining a sunk asset.


A rental exhibit is much more adaptable than an owned booth. Indeed, show regulations and booth prices and sizes vary from show to show; rental exhibits can be modified to meet the prescribed standards. This translates to agility, and a modern and creative presence show after show, year after year.


The trends of show exhibits change quickly and staying adaptable is essential to projecting a relevant and modern brand identity. Renting is a good way to adapt to those caprices, and present the exhibiting company at their best.

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Rental exhibit is a good way to enrich a booth. Here Coats Red Heart was able to add some counter place in the booth.


Finally, the turnover time between shows is shorter than with owned booth equipment. Since rentals don’t rely on shipping or production, one company can be at multiple shows at the same time and do one after another, fast and easy.

Still not sure if a rental is right for you?

If buying a tradeshow booth is being considered, a rental exhibit is a good way to try out equipment and different design studios. How easy is it to install and dismantle? How well does the equipment stand up from show to show? How easy it is to keep clean?  These are questions better answered before a long-term investment is made.

At Studio Displays we advise that if you’re going to use a basic set-up more than three times in a season, or budgeting period, rental is a smarter, most cost-effective decision. This seems logical for small booths, but is even more applicable on a larger scale. A bigger booth is easier to adapt as the graphic to surface ratio diminishes and fewer customizable pieces are needed.

This is where Studio Displays comes in. Starting with careful evaluation of the current program, we identify how we can help you. From the management of your current display to a complete overhaul and redesign, we are here to help.

Visit our catalog for more information and a peek at what we do for companies just like yours.

We look forward to working with you.

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