Custom Booth Feature: PreGel

Our next custom booth feature is from our client PreGel who attended the National Restaurant Association trade show this year.  One overall unique feature about this booth is we incorporated a mix of custom pieces, existing modular pieces and rental panels to create a spectacular look for PreGel.

Below are some of the special features from their 30 x 110 island space.

Large overhead canopy

  • Designed to create ambience in center beverage area
  • Draws attention to the trade show booth


  • Extensive truss lighting rig to highlight the PreGel logos
  • Offers further enhancement to the canopy


  • Multiple logos at different areas of the booth to be recognized from all angles
  • Large dimensional halo LED logo created on large iconic custom wall features
  • Back-lit large format graphics


  • Created several stations throughout booth for many options for attendees to experience their products
  • Several entry points to allow for easy access into the booth
  • Interactive stations on the edges of the booth to draw interest

Check out the photos below of their spectacular booth. Not only did the booth look amazing, but the desserts and specialty beverages they served tasted amazing.  They are leaders in their industry for a reason! Yum!

30x110 PreGel NRA2015 (2)    30x110 PreGel NRA2015 (3)    30x110 PreGel NRA2015 (1)