Custom Booth Feature: MED-EL

The MED-EL booth amazes all of us at Studio Displays every time we set it up.  Overall, the aura it creates with the lighting, strong towers and soft curves is the epitome of booth design.  A few special custom features we wanted to point out to you with their booth:


The towers not only serve as huge closet spaces for storage, but they also have built in 80 inch LED TV’s, LED backlit acrylic stand-off graphics and LED edge lit table tops.

Display Space

The flexibility of the display space allows MED-EL to pick and choose different custom kiosks that Studio Displays has built to showcase their products.  Each kiosk is designed with a specific purpose in mind. The microscope station allows a surgeon to interact with the crowd and actually show the insertion of a cochlear implant while the WaterWear kiosk highlights the unprecedented water-proof technology of the RONDO!

Check out the photos below of their spectacular booth!

AGBell14_3098 HLAA15_1011 HLAA15_1943 MED-EL_AudiologyNOW_20x20