A Rant About Keeping it Real

I love to play music—live music, real music, no sequencing or computer generated crap.  I play in an “old man soul band” called Continental Divide, and everything we do is “real”—no computers, no processors, no tracks, everything live—real.

The same thing goes for the exhibit business. The business I built, Studio Displays, Inc. we’re old school.  No smoke & mirrors here—we treat our clients like we would want to be treated, we bring total transparency along with our creativity.

Let’s face it, most decent companies can build a passable exhibit & get it to the show on time, etc. but what sets a good company apart from a great company is not only the product, but the people. It boils down to who do you want to work with?  Who do you trust?


Here at Studio, we cut the crap; we’ll give it to your straight. We maximize the client budget without sacrificing creative vision because we’re real about what we do, how we do it, and we nail the execution.

Another area of trust that I feel sets us apart is employee trust. I trust all our employees and I feel like the trust me. I value all the trustworthy, hard working folks we have here at Studio Displays.  I trust them.


So yeah, I do business old school. One, because I’m a dinosaur—65 years old, but more importantly, I believe trust is the ultimate component of a successful client/exhibit house relationship.  TRUST—it’s such a simple word, but the number one thing I’ve learned over 36 years of operation is that trust is one of the most valuable commodities a company can have.

When it comes to this business, I’m happy because I’m proud we are real.

A Rant From Captain Chaos (aka Tom Pope)