Portable Program Management

You need a banner where by tomorrow?

Portable Program ManagementOur portable exhibit program is a great extension to any tradeshow marketing campaign. We will store all of your portable displays that frequently get sent out to your sales reps at multiple smaller regional shows. All you have to do is log onto our inventory management system, ExhibitForce, choose the property you want, let us know where to send it, and we will handle the rest.

By utilizing this service we ensure that each time this booth ships it is show ready. If there are items that need to be replaced or repaired we will provide you with a detailed return inspection report and take care of any issues. For our clients this is the best “value-add” because it allows us to be an extension of your marketing team and take care of your booth. No more setting up your pop up in the lobby and shoving it back in the marketing closet.

When you put your trade show exhibit in our care, you will understand how easy and effective trade show marketing can really be!