Inventory Management

Where’s my booth?

Exhibit ForceIs it impossible for you to remember each graphic you have or where your booth is at any given time during the tradeshow season? If so, then ExhibitForce, our internal exhibit management system, is just the program for you. This system allows you to view your property with detailed photos of each graphic panel, booth layout, AV equipment, etc. All of your shows are entered into this system so you will know what displays have been shipped and where they are in real time.

For extensive portable tradeshow exhibit programs this is the best solution. ExhibitForce is a great tool that can be accessed anytime, anywhere 24-7 as long as you have an internet connection. Not only does this system provide all of the answers for your trade show exhibit program, but it also has additional budgeting and staffing tools that can take your organization a step further.
For more information on how we can efficiently manage your exhibit inventory and make your life easier call us today!