Rental Solutions

Small Budget, Big Impact!

Rental ExhibitsRental exhibits are a great way to bring your message to the show floor while investing minimally in the hardware, allowing you to evolve your image over time and create a lasting impact to the visitor. There are many advantages to using a rental booth for your next trade show, such as:

  • Reduced investment on the hardware
  • Enhanced hardware solutions to allow for a more custom look
  • Greater flexibility in design from show-to-show
  • No year round storage fees, reducing your operational budget
  • No wear and tear on your own property
  • Decrease your carbon footprint, while making an impact

You may think rentals are not the right solution for your company, but you never know when you may want to test a new market or show. By utilizing a rental solution you can invest in the graphics and have a minimal investment on the hardware. This will allow you to keep the costs low for that test market and give you a better sense of if the return was there or not.

Our vast inventory of rental components allows us to design a customized rental solution to your exact specifications. When time has slipped away, we offer modular rental exhibit kits at various sizes, which will allow you to have a professional looking exhibit in a very quick turnaround!

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