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A Rant For My Wife Terry

I want to focus this post on my wife – Terry. She’s my partner in life and in business ‐ going on 43 years.  This is not so much a rant, but a celebration of my amazing partner in crime.


There would be no Studio Displays without her. She prompted me to go out on my own way back in 1980. Those first days of starting a business from the ground up were very difficult, but things got better through hard work and putting every dime back into the business.


It takes a special woman to put up with all Terry does, and yet she continually keeps her faith in me through every triumph and obstacle. She has taken care of the financial things at the company since the early 80’s. I remember her having to do payroll by hand, every week, for around 60 employees (without a time clock that automatically figured the total hours!).  Needless to say, at year’s end–we purchased a new time clock!


I don’t know how she did it ‐ raising 3 young kids and lugging around a giant ledger book – no computers back then, but she did it! We have been partners at home and at work, and it has been a great partnership. I’m proud of what we have built, and now that the kids are positioning to take over, I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

So, Thanks Terry, I love you and appreciate all you’ve done, always!

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